Santa is a Geordie….

phone-call-from-santaAaahhhh, Christmas. The time to sit back, kick off the old workboots and Pop open the beer, forget about work at least till 2nd or 3rd of January. Really?  Sounds idyllic.

If you’re self employed, things tend to look a little different. Holiday Pay? What is Holiday Pay? You mean people get paid to be on Holiday? Are you shitting me???? Boxing Day drinks? That’s like a school night for us haha: work the next day as it falls on a Tuesday, dear me.

Never mind, it does have its plusses, no daft boss trying to neck on with you at the Xmas bash, no Xmas jumper day, awkward Secret santas at work where someone has been bought a second hand string vest or an inappropriate “toy”. Best tenner I ever spent…..

secret santa

So we plug on. If anyone needs an electric car charger over Xmas or New Year, or a solar PV survey, its no problem, we’ve got them in stock, and the sparkies are ready to fit them. Bah Humbug. But feel free to offer a Mince pie when I come to do the survey, or pull a cracker, it could be the only Festivities we take part in. And yes, I’m trying to hard for sympathy. Is that violins I hear slowly playing…..