EV Car Charger Journey

As soon as you contact us via email, telephone, or letter, we will contact you within 48 hrs (normally 24).

We will have a brief chat about your home or business for suitability purposes, then arrange an appointment (usually within a few days).

At our initial visit, which normally takes about half an hour, we will check your electrics, your parking space/ garage, your preferred choice and suitability of charger, your MPAN number (found on an electric bill), discuss the easiest least invasive route for the wiring, and then plan a convenient time and day for the installation. We will also take copies of order forms/ motability forms/ log books for the grant application purposes. 

During the install our electricians will normall take approx. 3 hours to install, they will test the system, take photos of the install and the serial number of the charger, and issue an electrical test sheet (which we will send to you and the DNO within 28 days). The electrician will ask you to sign a satisfaction form for the purposes of the OLEV claim. The electrician will issue you with the free CYC charging card information and the user guide for the charger.

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Use the form to email or Call Dom on 07833431631 to arrange a meeting or a survey.



e-mail: [email protected]

and we will endeavour to get back to you within 1 working day.