Your Solar Journey

As soon as you contact us via email, telephone, or letter, we will contact you within 48 hrs (normally 24).

We will have a brief chat about your home or business for suitability purposes, then arrange an appointment (usually within a week).

At our initial visit, which normally takes about half an hour, we will check your roof, your electrics, your current Energy Performance (for FIT forecasts), scaffolding issues, current electricity usage, planning issues, shading issues, inverter site possibilities, possible size of PV system and any other issues that may arise. We will tell you which panels we recommend (Solarworld are our favourites due to their outstanding performance and longevity as a company) and inverters (SMA are our preferred again, because they have been around a long time and are recognised as the best in the industry).

Our domestic solar systems typically cost between £4000 and £6,300 depending on size and scaffolding issues; our commercial systems can be Free, or average about £1k per kW for 10kW-1MW if they are completely purchased

Following the first visit we will make a 2nd appointment where we will present the survey report which indicates the price, predicted performance of the system (including money savings) and stages of the project. If you are happy and you wish to go ahead we will then ask you for a 1st deposit of 10%; we will supply an invoice, a right to cancellation contract and we will insure your deposit the following day under our Deposit and Warranty Insurance scheme.

We will arrange for Malcolm Scott, a qualified structural engineer, to come and assess the roof for structural strength, aswell as completing the required Energy Performance Assessment….his visit normally takes an hour or less. Should the results of this visit be negative, you are entitled to a refund of your deposit, minus £100 admin fee (this has never happened before as we can normally accurately predict how the EPC and roof survey will go, following the initial survey).

We will make another appointment 14 days later (our Industry guidelined “cooling off period”) and return to collect a 2nd deposit which is around 50% of the cost. We will then plan the scaffold erection and install date. We can usually install the scaffold on Day 1, install the system on Day 2 and bring down the scaffold on Day 3. Our customers can bypass the 14day cooling off period as long as we receive this in writing, that they wish to proceed quicker.

Once we have received the 2 deposits (if you qualify for the FREE solar, obviously there are no deposits) we will then proceed to the installation. During the installation the roofers will test every panel on the ground before we fit them to the roof, for extra piece of mind. The roofers work in tandem with the electrician and complete the job within 1 working day. The electrician tests everything is working and commissions the system.

Following the install we will complete a handover pack and issue you with the MCS certificate, the Energy Performance Certificate, the PV and Inverter test sheets, the system schematic, the Electrical Commissioning test sheet, final invoice, warranties, operation and maintenance guide.

We will assist you with the completion of your feed in tariff application form, we will notify the local council under building regs, and we will notify the DNO (Northern Powergrid) of the installation, which we have 28 days to do, by law, following your install.

At the end of the process we will be your ongoing point of reference and assistance should you need us, as well as, hopefully, a valued and satisfied customer.

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